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Priceless Pets adoption located in Chino Hills is one of Lisa’s favorite charities.  Priceless Pet’s supports a no kill policy and adopts out hundreds of pets each year.

Priceless Pet’s “The Orphanage” is located at 2587 Unit C, Chino Hills Parkway, Chino Hills Ca 91709 Phone: 909-203-3695  website, https://www.pricelesspetrescue.org/index.php/contact-us or Priceless.pets@yahoo.com.

Hi I'm Maxwell, and I was scared, hungry, injured and very lost, until a couple of nice ladies found me and took me to Priceless Pets in Chino Hills. There I was given the medical attention I so very much needed along with food and a safe place to sleep. But most of all I was given a 2nd chance to find my soul mate, and it might be you! I'm very loyal and very sweet.

When my leg is better, I would love to take long walks and cuddle. Visit me and my friends at Priceless Pets in Chino Hills and feed your soul. Maybe you'll fall in love with me or one of my friends.

A special shout out to Jeanette Young of Windermere Realty in Chino Hills for sponsoring Maxwell. Jeanette Young and her team can help you find the perfect home for you and your pets! You can reach Jeanette at 909-444-5904 Check out her blog at https://jeanetteandsherry.blogspot.com/ To see more of my fury friends go to https://www.pricelesspetrescue.org/index.php/contact-us.

Windermere Real Estate

We call him Bengermine. Bengermine's life was saved by a nice lady who spotted him on a busy street in Pomona. Bengermine was trying to cross the busy 4 lane street when Diane slammed on her brakes, opened her car door and called to him.  Bengermine knew a good thing when he saw it, or should I say her, jumped in the car and then rode on Diane's lap until they arrived at her home in Chino.  Diane is fostering Bergermine until we find him a forever home.  Diane has taken him to the vet to treat an ear infection and to be checked out.  He will have his shots updated and be neutered before a finalized adoption. Bengermine is available through Loving Lather Pet Rescue!  909-548-9066


Charlie Charlie Image Two

We call him Charlie. Charlie was one of 4 little dogs who were turned out onto a busy street last week. They were trying to cross the road when two men spotted them, put down their tools, and managed to herd the dogs into a storage area. They then called Loving Lather Pet Rescue for help. Charlie is a sweetheart and will be your best friend. He will take you on long walks, and he loves to cuddle! Charlie will be available for adoption just as soon as he receives his shots and is neutered.

We call them Carma and Roxy. One of the rescuers who saved these little girls after they were abandoned was nice enough to take Carma and Roxy home and be the Foster parents until a forever home could be found. Both Carma and Roxy are super cute, super funny and super sweet.  They love to play, and they want to love you!  Carma and Roxy will be available for adoption after the spay and shots are completed.

Carma and Roxy Carma and Roxy Two Carma and Roxy Three

Little Mommy

We call her Little Mommy because that's what she is. This is the proud mommy of the three pups that were rescued from the busy intersection. She is sweet, cute and wants to be your forever companion.  Little Mommy needs someone she can look after.  Little Mommy will be available for adoption just as soon as she receives her shots and spay.